All women of the Roman Catholic Church are welcome to join the choir. We adhere to a strict code of conduct that encourages each woman to follow Church teachings and choir etiquette. The sisterhood among the choir has  fostered spiritual growth, and a support system of love and faith through the Holy Spirit.
2nd Goal
Our goal is to expose and educate the general public not only in ancient Roman Catholic music, but also to present past and modern works of Spanish,French, German, Italian, Native American and other heritages.
All women are volunteers but the ACWC wishes to solicit donations across the country to cover expenses and to improve the quality of its ensemble through excellent singers, directors and instrumentalists. This includes educational materials, music, programs, office expenses, stipends and travel. We also wish to support the education and development of our singers and instrumentalists through stipends so we can receive instruction by well-known teachers. The ACWC would also like to have a scholarship fund.

Our Patrons are St Therese of Lisieux and St Philomena